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Beyond Her Waist


They promote the trend that every curve on the female body must be let out; and that there should be enough skin projected for public examination.

They describe her rear by various means of seduction, to arouse a wild appetite for an insatiable sensual pleasure. To them, hers is to shake this or twerk that, and his Continue reading “Beyond Her Waist”

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She’s Human Too

ADORABLE. Cool. Beautiful. Cute. Smart. Lovely. Sweet. Charming. Dope. Dudes who consider the trendy adjectives — ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’ — as routine descriptive terms for females won’t blink an eye to include them, especially on social media platforms  where the ‘shes’ would conventionally respond with “Really?” “You won’t kill me o,” “Thanks, dear” or “Blushing”. In any case, Continue reading “She’s Human Too”

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