ADORABLE. Cool. Beautiful. Cute. Smart. Lovely. Sweet. Charming. Dope. Dudes who consider the trendy adjectives — ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’ — as routine descriptive terms for females won’t blink an eye to include them, especially on social media platforms  where the ‘shes’ would conventionally respond with “Really?” “You won’t kill me o,” “Thanks, dear” or “Blushing”. In any case, I consider the use of either of those two (sexy, hot) as somewhat extreme — they don’t really flow with decency.

But gent, do we have a situation with those?

I’ve been caught up in moments of telling myself or some fellow that “she’s dope” or something synonymous. And bro., you too have used one of those or some synonym of those at a female — somehow, sometime, somewhere. Anyway, if you claim otherwise, you’re either a liar or non-existing — and the latter implies you’re a ghost, some wili-wili like that. I affirm: you may not have verbally or openly expressed that, but your ‘within’ won’t agree less. Except you’re abnormal, a ‘she’ has certainly caught your thought, admiration, or affection. No lie, a-beg.

Quickly, before your thought loses bearing , the ‘she’ could either be your granny (‘mama-nnukwus’ are adorable too), your momma, your sister, an aunt, a cousin, a female friend, a female colleague or classmate, some female acquaintance, that random female, or a revered ‘she’. Hoo-haa, Godsgrace appreciates them.

Probably, you don’t want to imagine it: God did one not-good thing at the start — the ‘shes’ weren’t originally in creation; and that was NOT GOOD. See Genesis 2:18 (KJV): “… LORD God said, it is NOT GOOD that the man should be alone; I will make him an HELP meet for him.

You see that ‘NOT GOOD’ phrase and the decision that followed after: God proposed on creating a HELP meet — that means, a HELP suitable.

Evidently, our world would have been more of a cruel factory without these suitable ‘shes.’And at that foreseen situation, God was like, “Ie no good, joor… Mbanu! We made ’em men in our image, but they’ll be more like machines subjected to friction with no lubricants… We should add among them suitable ‘shes’; their company will be highly needed.” And consequently, the first ‘she’ was created.

Come to think of it, the event that brought the female company into existence took the first odogwu unawares. Eden’s supernatural breeze must have done an irresistible work on daddy Adam, inducing him with the coziest sleep of his lifetime. Daddy Adam couldn’t even ask, “Who be that?” or “God, why naa?”, while his anatomy was being tampered with. His ribs were eventually reduced, and another human was made. But imagine that feeling upon sighting his sweetie when he woke up; imagine the cuddling and whatever that happened thereafter. Daddy Adam will be sure to tell the story better when we get to heaven.

Bobo, isn’t it thought-catching that while daddy Adam was obediently dishing out funny animal labels as ‘Jaguar’, ‘Hippopotamus’, and ‘Chimpanzee’, “…there was not found an help [suitable] for him” (Genesis 2:20) — not even the cutest female Chimp would be of suitable help, talk more charming enough to attract his admiration. God observed this, and insisted,  “I will make him an help suitable.”

You feel am?  These ‘shes’ were adorably, coolly, beautifully, cutely, smartly, lovely, dopely, charmingly, and sweetly made — suitably for us. It wouldn’t have been any good without them. So, let it bother you less when your heartbeat spontaneously increases upon sighting or interacting with that adorable ‘she’ (you either need a doctor or a pastor if you haven’t experienced such).

If it has no ill intention of lust, our natural emotions toward the ‘shes’ mean no crime; God approves such feelings.

Now, look beyond the popular media perception of these ‘shes’ as objects for sex and models for adverts; let’s consider realities.

She feels pain and gets hurt too; she gets dirty and sweaty too; she could get unnecessarily mad too; she experiences cold sweats too; she cries too; she, sometimes, desires to be left alone too; she gets hungry too; she gets worried too; she desires to be loved and taken as being important too; she’ll someday cease to exist too; and many more ‘toos’ checking the height of Everest. All driving towards this: she’s humanly made just as you are — however adorable, cool, beautiful, cute, smart, lovely, sweet, charming, or dope she is. She does have physical and psychological features peculiar to her, but primarily, she is human.

She’s got purpose to fulfill — she doesn’t just exist. Apart from her unique physical make-ups, God has endowed her with helpful potentials suitable for our human existence, that the ‘hes’ alone are incomplete and disadvantaged without.

Understanding that she’s human, lovingly treat her as one. And do remember that she got human short-comings. Yes, she might be beautiful but not flawless; she might be adorable but not perfect; she might be smart and yet misbehave; she might be awesome but sometimes annoying; she could be charming but makes mistakes; she might be lovely and yet could be provoked; she might be accommodating yet deserves a personal space. She’s human too.

She shouldn’t be insulted. She shouldn’t be objectified — She shouldn’t be seen or taken as some sex object. She shouldn’t be lusted after. She shouldn’t be molested. She shouldn’t be raped! She shouldn’t be ill-treated in any manner. She’s worth more than some use-dump stuff. God won’t take it for a joke if you misbehave towards her. Beware!

Respect and Regard her; Courteously Correct, Cherish and Care for her; Tolerate and Teach her; Appreciate her, and never fail to Advice her, to Applaud her, and to Appease her when you should. That is chivalry, nwoke oma. Ndeewo.