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Beyond Her Waist


They promote the trend that every curve on the female body must be let out; and that there should be enough skin projected for public examination.

They describe her rear by various means of seduction, to arouse a wild appetite for an insatiable sensual pleasure. To them, hers is to shake this or twerk that, and his Continue reading “Beyond Her Waist”

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Fight On; Focus Forwards!

A good athlete will give his best for the forwards. It’s unusual to see him slowdown or stop to check up a rival. As he runs, he’s interested in nothing but winning. Should he be representing his country, he doesn’t mind what becomes of other countries’ reps. He got his country at heart and cares nothing about any other. This shows his Continue reading “Fight On; Focus Forwards!”

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Unforgettable 26th

I was finally telling mum. And as she listened, calmly, one would presume what went on within her – parallel scenes that her motherly mind made from each piece I told. I made it real, the much I could, and she listened. Her affectionate eyes were journeying into the subconsciously created detail of what she heard. Somehow, she could see her son running; she saw me exposed and vulnerable. And I was sure she would run after me. I was sure Continue reading “Unforgettable 26th”

She’s Human Too

ADORABLE. Cool. Beautiful. Cute. Smart. Lovely. Sweet. Charming. Dope. Dudes who consider the trendy adjectives — ‘sexy’ and ‘hot’ — as routine descriptive terms for females won’t blink an eye to include them, especially on social media platforms  where the ‘shes’ would conventionally respond with “Really?” “You won’t kill me o,” “Thanks, dear” or “Blushing”. In any case, Continue reading “She’s Human Too”

Properly Made

HE supernaturally packaged and let me into earth — to fulfill purpose. Abba wasn’t checking any Facebook post… There was no distraction to attend to. He was very conscious of making this being and  wasn’t in a hury. And then there was me: made in His image, created for His glory. Yes, I may not be as Mr. CurledHair or Continue reading “Properly Made”

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